Denise Naue

Research Associate in the Research Project "Uwe Johnson-Werkausgabe (The Complete Works of Uwe Johnson)"


During my work as a Student Assistants in the Research Project "Uwe Johnson-Werkausgabe (The Complete Works of Uwe Johnson)", I was able to gain an insight into the many different areas of responsibility, such as research for commentaries and working with the personal database. As a Research Associate in the same project, I am able to apply and expand the knowledge and skills I previously acquired. My work focuses on the edition of the letters, which includes research and commentary tasks as well as collaboration with the external editors.


I completed my bachelor degree in German Studies and Communication & Media Sciences at the University of Rostock in September 2017. Following this, I worked as a Student Assistants in the Research Project "Uwe Johnson-Werkausgabe" from early 2018 while pursuing my master studies. In my master's thesis, which I wrote in the field of Communication & Media Sciences, I focused on discourses in social media. By now, my research interest in human communication is reflected in my work as a Research Associate in the department "Briefe" (letters and other correspondence) of the "Uwe Johnson-Werkausgabe".

Denise Naue

Institute for German Studies
August-Bebel-Straße 28,
Room 2037
18055 Rostock