Fabian Kaßner

Research Associate in the Research Project "Uwe Johnson-Werkausgabe (The Complete Works of Uwe Johnson)"


In the Research Project "Uwe Johnson-Werkausgabe" (The Complete Works of Uwe Johnson), I am primarily responsible for all steps of digitizing the archival material. This includes necessary technical and organizational preparations, the digitization process itself, as well as metadata tagging and linking in XML. The implementation of the digital edition also falls within my scope of responsibilities.


  • Gestern, <Heute>, (Morgen). Das Edieren im Wandel der Zeit, in: Johnson-Jahrbuch 29, 2024, pp. 135–151.
  • Die Uwe Johnson-Werkausgabe: Die Rostocker Ausgabe. Ein Akademienvorhaben der Berlin-Brandenburgischen Akademie der Wissenschaften an der Universität Rostock, in: ALG-Umschau 65, 2021, pp. 48–49.
  • Von Zeit zu Zeit progammieren wir alles noch einmal. Eine Werkstattbesichtigung der digitalen Uwe-Johnson-Werkausgabe, in: Johnson-Jahrbuch 25, 2018, pp. 47–60.


During my Bachelor's studies in History and German Studies, a position at a city archive redirected my enthusiasm for historical and literary sources in an unexpected direction: the editorial preparation of archival materials. Subsequently, I pursued a degree in Edition Sciences at the Free University of Berlin. What shaped me during this time was the relatively new and modern approach of presenting editions in the digital space within philological work. This provided me with the opportunity to combine my main interests – literature and modern technologies. I was able to pursue these interests initially at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities before joining the the Research Project "Uwe Johnson-Werkausgabe" at the University of Rostock in October 2014. Currently, I am also dedicating myself to my doctoral project, which examines the paradigm shift in edition sciences.

Fabian Kaßner

Institute for German Studies
Gertrudenstraße 11, Torhaus, Room 106
18057 Rostock

Tel.: +49 381 498 2553
E-Mail: fabian.kassneruni-rostockde